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Fine Textile & Leather Goods for the New Millennium

Telephone: 0191 4552756


Suppliers of Fine Angling Luggage:
Rugged Hunting Accessories;
 Leather Jackets, Coats and waistcoats:
Bespoke Leather Instrument cases, Wallets and Purses

Military & Marching Band Regalia (Belts, Slings, Aprons....)
Thermally Insulated Delivery Bags (Pizza bags, Thermal Covers....)

    Serving the Following  Sectors:
                                       Fishing, Hunting, Music (bags), Military (regalia),
                           Marching Band accessories,, Insulated products,
                                     Automotive protection covers, Food Delivery bags
                                         and Electronic instrument s (cases and bags).


    We also develop products for manufacture in the Far-East where large quantities
    are required and prices preclude UK production

    Established in 1937 as Tyneside Leathercrafts Ltd. The Company earned an unassailable reputation both within the industry and among discerning end-users for producing an extremely wide range of top quality heavy textile and leather goods. In 2006, The manufacturing side had to close. However, It was decided to form a new Company, Border Leathercrafts in order to continue trading in the industries that we have served so well for so long.
    We continue to use UK manufacturers wherever possible although certain less expensive nylon or polyester products have to be produced offshore in order to be commercially viable. Our manufacturers are carefully selected in order to produce the highest quality to our stringent specifications.
    Whilst the bulk of our production is bespoke for well known names within the commerce sectors outlined above, we also continue to supply an extensive standard range of items badged under our own Leathercrafts name.
    These pages provide an outline of some of our products, with e-commerce capability for some of our more popular standard products.

    Please contact us if you have specific requirements that are not covered in the information outlined on this site.

    For further information about these or our other bespoke products,
    contact Bob Askew;         0191 4552756


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